Founders of the Week: Philip Williams, Naveen Jain, and Jun Jeon

Naveen Jain (left), Philip Williams (center), Jun Jeon (right)

This week’s founders are Philip Williams (MD’20), Naveen Jain (MD/PhD’24), and Jun Jeon (MD’20) of Spectrum Scores . Spectrum Scores is a website and pending mobile application that connects LGBTQ+ patients with LGBTQ+ knowledge-friendly, competent health care providers. The website allows users to score healthcare providers and professionals with LGBTQ+ metrics, developed with with help from the University of Pennsylvania, and leave subjective reviews of their patient-doctor interactions. ┬áSpectrum Scores aims to find existing healthcare providers that can fill the needs of the LGBTQ+ community and is currently operational in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, and Chicago.

Philip and Jun credits the HealthX Labs , a student accelerator of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, with providing the right advisors and initial seed funding for their product. Philip comments that “a big part of the help that Penn has been able to provide is healthcare advisory, [especially] since Penn is a leader in LGBTQ+ health”. In the coming months, Spectrum Scores is focusing on mobile applications in order to leverage the mobile market and increase their target audience.

To find out more about Spectrum Scores, watch the full interview here and check out their website here.

Here at the Weiss Tech House, we celebrate, support, and create innovators and thinkers all across Penn’s campus. In the spirit of our mission to advance technological entrepreneurship, we’ve started our new series: Founder of the Week. Each week, look forward to the new highlights, interviews, updates, and insights from Penn founders. If there’s anybody you’d like to nominate as a Founder of the Week, preferably Weiss Tech House member or alum, let us know here.

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