Founder of the Week: Zhuoroui Fu

Have you ever been to a restaurant and tried something so delicious you just wish you could have it all the time in the comfort of your own home?


Recipicious is here to help. Created by Zhuoroui Fu (SAS), Recipicious is a recipe-sharing, foodie community. The goal is to help both cooks and food-lovers alike recreate their favorite dishes from restaurants. Pro users can upload their interpretation of a recipe, and others can comment and upvote opinions to help modify the recipe to be closer (or even better) than the original. Overall, the platform is both restaurant and location based, allowing users to tie together the experience of viewing the recipe with the actual location or cooking experience.


This platform was inspired by Zhu’s mother, who loves cooking. She used to go home and try to make her favorite restaurant dishes at home. Zhu wanted to replicate that experience and unite recipe-sharing sites through her site.


Recipicious has seen rapid development already. Using potential user feedback and surveys, they evaluated and adjusted aspects of their platform. They finished the full UX design, and are applying for funds to support their company as they look for a front-end engineer to help code the prototype, which has been their greatest challenge.


Zhu said Wharton, specifically Wharton Entrepreneurship, has been extremely useful in providing help and advice for her start-up. She’s talked to angel investors, interested students, and other mentors who have provided valuable insight to her throughout her entrepreneurial journey.


For new entrepreneurs, Zhu says to “Keep on.” Persistence is key, and tweaking your product until you get the perfect platform is important.


To learn more about Recipicious, visit their Facebook.