Founder of the Week: Nadir Bilici

If you only learn one thing from Nadir, it should be…

Listen to your entrepreneurial calling early! Diving right in once you have an idea can really foster accelerated growth as an entrepreneur. Pursue your idea relentlessly. Also, getting involved in the Penn community is a great resource for getting started. Learn from the problems that others are trying to solve across this campus.

Eating healthy can be tough with individuals having to balance calorie count and meal prep along with the rest of their life. Through his journey as a medical student, Nadir Bilici noticed that among patients who suffered from chronic diseases, their healthcare providers don’t receive much nutrition education and as a result, patients don’t receive much instruction in this area either. To end the revolving door of this information gap, Nadir decided to create Sage.

Sage is an app that customizes meal plans for users through a few questions about their health information and desired health goal. Once that information is available, the app browses through hundreds of recipes to generate a diet regimen targeted towards that goal. With a couple more clicks, users can even have those ingredients delivered to their doorstep.

As a student entrepreneur, Nadir identified that while there are many great ideas floating around, sometimes one’s technical skill isn’t quite able to make these ideas a reality. He overcame this issue when he spent a couple of months learning to code, consequently taking a gap year from medical school to pursue his venture. With his newfound talents, he feels that he is much better equipped with the skills required to integrate technology into healthcare. Nadir also used Penn’s resources to grow his company, as he joined the WeissLab’s Accelerator program last semester. Meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors over his time in the program, he found the Weiss Tech House as an excellent channel to be more connected to the Penn community. Sage has already launched on the Apple App Store and is receiving increasing downloads.

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