The Weiss Tech House is made up of 6 individual committees, each with their own projects and specialties.


What we do

Our in-house, mini-venture capital fund.

Hears student project pitches and awards grants of up to $1,000 to student innovators

Facilitate the integration of accepted projects into the Weiss Tech House

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What we do

Responsible for producing the annual PennVention student invention competition, Penn's tech startup competition with $20K+ in prizes.

Connects PennVention teams with industry mentors

Produces the annual Mini-Mentoring Marathon in the fall

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What we do

Feature 5 weeks of hands-on lessons related to entrepreneurship and delivered by industry-experts and mentors

Provide support to teams through our associated professors at the University of Pennsylvania

Offer a physical workspace which allows teams to interact, work on their ventures or to simply be innovative

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The was created to accomplish the following:

1. Expose students to the perspective, risk mindset, and creative drive behind a diverse set of career journeys.

2. Provide resources for students to explore and develop the variety of skillsets necessary to pursue such career journeys.

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What we do

Focus on entrepreneurship education

Create lesson plans in science, technology, and entrepreneurship

Hold events like: Emerging Technology Panel, Innovation Week, Elevator Pitch, and more!

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What we do

Partners with the numerous clubs on campus

Organize a high-profile entrepreneurship conference

Excite Penn about getting involved in startups!

Check Out Innovation Conf.

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