Founder of the Week: Nestor Solari

If you only learn one thing from Nestor, it should be that…

Unlike many traditional jobs, entrepreneurship doesn’t have a “set playbook.” So be ready for all the hurdles, the good and the bad, and know to not take hardships personally but rather that everyone’s journey is unique.

Today, millions of Americans are obtaining their insurance through brick and mortar industries. Not only is it generally an unpleasant experience, but the process is filled with extra fees. Founder Nestor Solari strives to bring these customers online, lowering the cost and getting rid of all of those extra fees. Nestor’s company, Sigo Seguros, focuses on non-standard or high risk auto insurance space, giving people an easy transparent way to get their auto insurance.

As a child, Nestor always remembered looking up to his teachers, and thought that he wanted to be a teacher growing up. Now that he’s gotten a taste of being an entrepreneur, the likelihood of that childhood goal is smaller, but he is devoted to the excitement of entrepreneurship. To him, no two days are the same. Everyday, he feels that he gets a new challenge and a new experience. The thing that is currently on top of Nestor’s mind is integrating with a new insurance partner and giving insurance access to millions of more people.

One thing that most people don’t tell you about starting a new company is the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. While a strong work ethic and diligence is undoubtedly important, Nestor believes that what really makes a difference is being able to handle your emotions. Making time to recuperate before tackling the next challenge is just as crucial as having those skills.

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