Founder(s) of the Week: Kameron Hypolite and Isaiah Washington

If you only learn one thing from Isaiah and Kameron, it should be that…

Getting your idea on paper is only the beginning. The hard part and the crucial part is to take action to bring your ideas to life. Having a vision and something to look forward to is extremely important, and that coupled with the perfect, implementable strategy is what really makes a successful venture and entrepreneur.  

Having dealt with transportation issues during their time as students at Penn, Kameron Hypolite (SAS ‘20) and Isaiah Washington (W’20). For example, Penn’s shuttles are only accessible after 5pm, so the founders have found themselves stranded off-campus with only ride-sharing options to return to school. Trekking through Penn’s expansive campus is also time-consuming and inefficient. After delving into a solution to these type of problems, the founders realized that traditional transportation-sharing companies, such as Indego, posed a couple of problems that made them subpar answers to these issues, especially in intimate environments such as a college or corporate campus.

BoostScooters combines the model of a scooter, a bike, and smart-ride technology to service college and corporate campuses. They strive to provide a clean and efficient system to help connect intimate campuses and make them more accessible to all members of that community.

In terms of challenges, Isaiah told us about something that he lives his entrepreneurial life by: “Entrepreneurs hear no all the time, but they also can never take no as an answer.” Like many entrepreneurs, the founders of BoostScooters have had opportunities close and open to them, and they say that perseverance through all that is the most challenging and integral part of their journey. Kameron reflected on the importance of time management, and the importance of remaining dedicated to their business through heavy academic and extracurricular workloads.

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