Founder of the Week: Ronald Angsiy

Here at Weiss Tech House, we celebrate, support, and create innovators and thinkers all across Penn’s campus. In the spirit of our mission to advance technological entrepreneurship, we’ve started our new series:  Founder of the Week. Each week, look forward to new highlights, interviews, updates, and insights from Penn founders. If there’s anybody you’d like to nominate as a Founder of the Week, preferably Weiss Tech House members or alum, let us know here.

This week’s founder is Ronald Angsiy, co-founder of InnaMed, Inc. and Managing Director of Mikhail Capital. InnaMed is a portable blood testing device that can be used at home and is tailored to the individual user to lessen the need of returning doctor’s visits and to increase transparency in data. Ronald met his co-founder at a Weiss Tech House event, and has since then been funded and supported by multiple resources across Penn’s campus. InnaMed won the Y-Combinator Class of Winter 2017 and is a NASA iTech National Award Winner.

Ronald attributes some of his success to several mentors, including the founder of Weiss Labs, Guthrie Gintzler, and his boss at the IBM Think Tank he worked at. “You really need people to believe in you,” Ronald says, and he believes he wouldn’t be where he is today without the support he gained from the community here on-campus.

To find out more about Ronald, watch the full interview here.


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